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DEC 2010

11/29/2010 12:14
      FROM THE PASTOR   As I came into the church this morning and made my rounds to see if all is intact. I couldn’t help but notice the many packages wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree in the Sanctuary. We truly believe it is more “blessed to give than...

Nov 2010

10/21/2010 09:15
From the Pastor  What a blessed weekend  Polly and I had.  The wedding was beautiful, and we pray for Caleb and Megan as they start their life together as husband and wife.  It was great to have the family together and join in our celebration.  We want to thank you all for...

October 2010

10/07/2010 08:17
  From the Pastor   I know that the church bat has been keeping all informed about what goes on around and in the church. I am just amazed that when someone mentions something that needs to be done, it is done. October 10th our first mission speaker will deliver the message at...

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09/15/2010 14:01

September Newsletter

08/26/2010 12:31
FROM THE PASTOR   I want to thank all of you, those who sent cards of congratulations, the gifts and those who in person offered their congratulations. Special thanks to Polly and Martha for planning the party and for all who brought food. There is nothing like a Methodist Potluck...

August Newsletter

08/02/2010 10:01
FROM THE PASTOR   School is almost out; as of 3:00pm on the 7th of August I will be finished with the required Course of Study. It has been a long journey.   I will have driven over 25 thousand miles going from the U.P. to Delaware, Ohio to attend the Methodist Theological...

June/July Newsletter

06/01/2010 08:21
   FROM THE PASTOR    As I am getting pumped up to go to the Detroit Annual Conference, I am listening to one of my favorite CD’s, Kiri Te Kanawa singing Italian Opera arias, what a beautiful voice. There are some great voices out there in the Opera land (Not the Grand Ole...

May 2010

05/03/2010 10:33
From the Pastor   I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Working on my last class. Two books to read and a few papers to write. I want to thank Janet Helmbold for being my editor and coach on these last few classes. I will also thank Carol Weinert who also edited my...

April 2010

03/29/2010 09:30
  FROM THE PASTOR   Its Spring, really according to the calendar, Spring has sprung. How can you tell? Baseball’s Spring Training, Golf courses are opening, flowers are starting to bloom, you know the Crocuses, Tulips, some of the more aggressive are starting to get the...

March 2010

03/01/2010 09:53
   From the Pastor     Ok, eighteen down and two to go. I am talking about the Course of Study. I am so looking forward to not having to drive the six hundred and forty miles to Delaware Ohio and the return trip back home. So much for that. Thank you Carol...